Audio Analytics At Your Fingertips

The ORELIA company develops hardware and software solutions of audio analysis and recognition.


ORELIA markets hardware for analysis and detection (AUDIOSENSE 800 module) and also software package, service and expertise allowing an OEM to integrate ad-hoc audio analysis solutions in his own products.


We are present in several business sectors, for the following :


Recognizing noise sources in the environment in order to help our partners increase the well-being of citizens.

Detecting anomalies in real time in order to increase the reactivity of video-surveillance systems and to reduce their functioning costs

Detect abnormal sounds to prevent and detect defaults on industrial equipment (Condition Monitoring)

Alert to the presence of mini drones or helicopters to protect people and critical infrastructures from aerial intrusions


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Our solutions are intended to :

End users of security systems such as industrial, banks, sensitive sites, shops and shopping malls, schools, medical centers, nurseries and any company that wish to detect the sounds of abnormal events to gain time on their resolution. Aggression detection, break glass detection, vehicle detection, voice detection, driller and grinder attack detection, disturbance of the peace and so on.

Industrial concerned with condition-based maintenance and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (H.U.M.S.). Failure detection, abnormal noise detection, drift noise detection.

Electronic equipment manufacturers (cameras, phones, intercoms, robots, IoT objects and any consumer electronic device) wishing to have real-time audio analytics at-the-edge (i.e. On-Board Audio Analytics). Smoke detector alarm detection, scream detection, human presence detection, vehicle detection, baby cry detection...

Actors involved in the evaluation and protection of environmental noise. Vehicle detection, train detection, plane detection, moped detection, horn detection, construction noise (jackhammer...) detection, night time noise...

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