Orelia Sound Source Recognition Software

Orelia Sound Source Recognition Software (OSSR) is a unique software suite intended to companies that need to assess, manage and inform about the impact of noise sources in the environment.

OSSR offers an innovative and unique feature to detect the presence of sound sources in an audio file measured by a sound meter level or a measuring station.

OSSR uses audio data already recorded and extracts the presence of target sound sources while rejecting other noises.

OSSR processes Mpeg7-Layer 3 (mp3) audio files.

OSSR comes with different versions depending on the noise source it recognizes (clic on to download the brochures) :

►             Aircraft

►             Train

►             Road-Traffic

►             Multi

OSSR has been tested on thousands of audio samples available through very large measurement campaigns conducted by Orelia. The achievements are greater than 95% of correct recognition (criterion F-mesure).

OSSR has already been adopted by ADP (Paris Airports) for the recognition of aircrafts noise. OSSR processes the date coming from permanent measurement stations as well as mobile stations that do not have radar data.


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