What's the news for 2012 ?

You've probably noticed

the rate of publication of news on orelia.fr has slowed since a year. Because we had our nose to the grindstone throughout 2012. To catch up to us, here is a brief summary on three points, illustrating some highlights of this year.


To begin with, our acoustic detection module AUDIOSENSE 800 is now distributed in the field of electronic security by the company TTS. High value-added distributor, TTS is committed to global offers controlled, giving installers and manufacturers partners guarantee for customer satisfaction.


Then, we created a Linkedin group around the world of audio analysis: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Audio-Analytics-4543653. There are already over 115 registered within three months of presence. This group is completely open, we invite you to go there to ask questions or reference.


Finally, here are some illustrations of our AUDIOSENSE 800 WP audio analysis module installed in the field. City centers, factories ...




On that note, happy holidays and see you in 2013!

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